I am the user carliv or lately bluefirebird from xda developers. Few years ago my life took an unexpected turn and I had to leave my hobby and to focus on work.

I always liked computers and codding, and all that I have done on xda is just the result of my passion. Now that I have some time I decided to start my own site.

Here I will publish my work for phones with Android and few other things I worked on during all these years.

If someone wants to share my work in other places, please give proper credits, because all these are the result of many hours of work, documentation, study, builds and tests.
I wish you all well!

And one last thing. As you can see, I don't monetize this website in any way, and I don't use links with ads or other methods. If any of you wants to gift me to support my work, there is a paypal link in menu contact me using the contact form.
Since these are free tools, I don't appreciate demands, but you are more than welcome to give feedback, to spot bugs, to help me to improve. I have very little time to spare, and maybe sometime I'm slow in working for these, but when I can I will do it. And please, if you do contact me, use a real email address if you want an answer. I'm not going to open accounts on telegram or other platforms to answer you. I don't store these email addresses on server or in any database and I don't sell them. Your contact data will come to me as a regular email and I will replay from my regular email account.